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CDS-AD66 – MP4 Video Watch

CDS-AD66 - MP4 Video Watch (Image courtesy Tech Digest)By Andrew Liszewski

As a kid the holy grail of electronics to me had to be the TV watch but unfortunately since their existence in the 80’s was quite rare I was never lucky enough to actually own one. Today since almost all the electronics I carry can play back video to some degree I’m less obsessed with the TV-watch concept but I have to admit I find this one pretty tempting.

The ‘Watch MP4 Player 2Gb’ as it’s actually called has a 1.5 inch 128×128 pixel OLED screen and supports MP3 and WMA music files, JPEG images and MP4 video files. It can also display the date and time which is important when it comes to classifying this as an actual watch rather than a wrist-strappable personal media player.

Unfortunately there are no distributors currently selling the MP4 Watch at this time but apparently samples are available from the wholesaler for a pretty cheap $101.

[ CDS-AD66 MP4 Watch ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]