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Sony’s 007 Vaio TX Bundle Will Make You Feel Like Bond… James Bond

sony vaio tx bundle

By David Ponce

This one goes out to all the ladies with $4,000 hole burning in their purses, and a gadget hungry man waiting by the Christmas tree. What with James Bond’s latest movie coming out soon, Sony’s selling a 007 Vaio TX, Casino Royale co-branded bundle that’s sure to make him drool a little and giggle a lot. Here’s what you get:

– VAIO TX 007 ultraportable PC with 11.1″ screen
– Sony Cybershot T50 007 branded digital camera
– Privacy screen
– Aluminum attach? case
– Exclusive 007 welcome letter
– Serialized glass photo certificate

It’s really very cool, and will make him act all weird for at least a month. It’s selling for $3,900 but isn’t available until mid-November. You can pre-order it now, though. For a more thorough run-down of the specs, come inside.

VAIO? TX Ultra Portable PC (VGN-TXN17P7)
A must-have for double agents, the VAIO? TX makes an impression while getting the job done. Weighing only 2.76 lbs4 with standard battery and measuring less than 1? thin5, this ultra-portable, durable PC is designed for life on-the-go.

Cyber-shot? Digital Camera (DSC-T50/JB)
Channel your inner spy as you capture spectacular photos?even in low light without a flash?with the ultra-compact Cyber-shot? DSC-T50/JB. This slim and sexy camera features a 3″ touch panel, 7.2 megapixels and 3x optical zoom.

Sony Display Privacy Filter (VGP-FL11)
Work on confidential documents in public without worrying about onlookers. This privacy screen makes on-screen data visible only to the persons in front of the PC.

Aluminum Attach? Carrying Case
Originally home to a folding sniper rifle and ammo, the Sony version of the Bond attach? case contains custom foam cutouts that provide a snug-fitting, secure home for your non-lethal precious cargo. The attach? is constructed of black aluminum and features an embossed 007 Gun Logo.

Ultra-Portable and Durable
The luxuriously sleek and ultra-portable VAIO? VGN-TXN17P7 notebook boasts an incredibly small and lightweight form-factor encased in super-durable carbon fiber. This best-in-class PC weighs only 2.84 lbs5, is less than 1? thin3, and features an incredible 5-11 hours of battery life8.

Essential Mobile Wireless Companion
True mobility is as much about broad access, as it is a slim, lightweight design. The VAIO TX notebook takes access farther than ever before with integrated wireless Wide Area Network (WAN)14 technology. Access the Sprint? Mobile Broadband high-speed service to extend your wireless coverage beyond LAN access networks4 and hotspots. The VGN-TXN17P7 gives you the freedom to go farther, do more and stay connected.

Brilliant Display
The VGN-TXN17P7 notebook features a generous 11.1″ WXGA widescreen display12 with XBRITE? LCD technology and white LED backlight for higher brightness levels than standard displays. The result is deeper blacks, brighter whites, true-to-life color and razor-sharp detail. Since this notebook comes with anti-reflective coating to minimize reflection, you can enjoy a beautifully clear image from almost any viewing angle.

DVD Creation
Create, edit and burn your own DVDs with high-quality tools like Click to DVD? software and the advanced DVD+R Double Layer/DVD?RW drive2.

SmartWi? Technology

Sony?s original SmartWi? technology seamlessly integrates wireless WAN14, wireless LAN4, and Bluetooth?5 technologies by allowing you to quickly and easily toggle between these advanced wireless connectivity options.

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3 responses to “Sony’s 007 Vaio TX Bundle Will Make You Feel Like Bond… James Bond”

  1. angel says:

    is just the case available???

  2. VGN-TXN17P7 notebook boasts an incredibly small and lightweight form-factor encased in super-durable carbon fiber.