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Monthly Archives: November 2006

The 2006 OhGizmo Christmas Countdown

OhGizmo Christmas Countdown (Image property of OhGizmo)By Andrew Liszewski

As David has already mentioned in addition to the FM Holiday Gadget Guide he was contributing to I’ve been cooking up something holiday-related specifically for OhGizmo. Well it’s hard to believe but here we are on the last day before December drops and I’m proud to unveil the first ever OhGizmo Christmas Countdown.

Every day between now and December 25th I’ll be posting a new gadget or gizmo that somehow ties into the Christmas holiday season. Now don’t look at this as a “what should I buy someone” gift guide because quite frankly we post that kind of stuff all year round. This countdown will be specifically for items that we can’t write about during the rest of the year because they just seem out of place. And while the gadgets and gizmos posted in the OGCC will be in no particular order I’ll try to hold onto some of the better ones for closer to the 25th. It’s my goal to make this yearly custom become an annual tradition so I’ll do my best to keep things interesting.

Tomorrow morning I’ll get the ball rolling and it goes without saying (even though I’m saying it) if you come across anything that you think would make a great addition please feel free to submit it as a tip.

Acoustic Sensors Could Turn Any Surface Into Input Device

Acoustic Sensors

By David Edney

Researchers in Europe have come up with Tai-Chi, or (Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction), that are a series of acoustic sensors that turn any surface into a touch-sensitive computer interface. The system uses sonar tracking that senses surface vibrations and can track up to two things at once. This could be very useful in the work place like hospitals that are concerned about hygiene, because the clean up would be non-existent. It could also be used as a data input interface in almost every computer. There is no release date for any products yet, but I’m sure once its perfected there will be a product. Soon, we could all have the holographic touch screens just like in the futuristic movies.

Check out the videos here and here

VIA [ Emergency Gadget ]

Wear All Your Gadgets And Still Look Cool

scottevest jacket.jpg

By David Edney

If you read our articles here at OhGizmo you either a) have as many gadgets as we write about; or b) have more gadgets then we cover and actually rule the entire gadget universe [Um, what? -Ed.]. In any case Scottevest has got you covered, literally. Through Brookstone, they sell an awesome “Technology Ready Fleece-Jacket.” This thing holds almost anything and everything you could carry on you. It has 12 hidden pockets that can carry all your technological goodies, as well as a “patented routing system” for earbuds and a shoulder design that “promotes even distribution of weight.” It even has a pocket for a water bottle for in-game hydration. The sleeves remove so you can turn it into a dorky classy vest, and best of all it has reflective piping so that cars will see you in the crosswalk when you’re playing your PSP and listening to your iPof. It goes for $140 and you better buy it now so you can receive it before Christmas.

[ Jacket ] VIA [ CNET ]

Eclectic Car: Very Green

eclectic car
By David Edney

This car is by far the silliest thing I have ever seen on four wheels, if that is what they are even called on this thing. The Venturi Eclectic car claims it is the world’s first “energy-autonomous” vehicle. They equipped the circus looking car with a solar panel and a wind turbine so it can get power from the elements. It also has a plug for recharging from an outlet, which I’m sure is the way this will be charged 99.99% of the time because the panel and turbine combined give you only 14 miles a day (If you live in Florida during a Hurricane). The “vehicles” go on sale next summer for $31,000 and they are Limited Editions; only 200 are being made. I’m sure they will sell out quick. Production models won’t be made until 2009. I’m so excited I could pee myself.

[ Venturi ] VIA [ Sci Fi ]

Jetbike – Motorcycle For The Water

Jetbike (Images courtesy of Aquajet Corporation)
By Andrew Liszewski

For those living lives so extreme that a jetski seems boring comes the Jetbike which is basically a motorcycle designed to skim across the water instead of asphalt. It uses the same propulsion system as a jetski does but that’s really where the similarities end. The Jetbike is far more aerodynamic providing a smoother ride on the water and also uses a unique dual steering system with an adjustable front ski and rear nozzle.

Of course the question everyone asks is how does the Jetbike not tip over when it’s stopped given how high it sits out of the water? Well the designers came up with a clever solution there. As the Jetbike slows to a stop the lower section actually fills with water causing the bottom portion of the craft to sink below the surface of the water. This changes its center of gravity making it impossible to tip when not moving. In addition the seat and handlebars sit just above the water line when stopped making the craft easier to get on and off of. Once you hit the throttle though the tanks are emptied and the Jetbike rises up out of the water again.

The Jetbike is custom built by the Aquajet Corporation for $14,995 with a $1,500 (10%) down payment at the time of ordering so I think I’ll just get one.

[ Aquajet Jetbike ]

The Stokke Gravity Chair

stokke gravity chair

By David Ponce

The Stokke Gravity Chair is exactly the sort of innovative design that we like to feature on this site. Sure, we don’t always find stuff like this, but we gotta get you junkies fixed day in, day out, so we do what we can. This chair features an unusually long set of legs, which allows you to do all sorts of funky things with it. The legs are bent in such as way as to feature three flat planes, so you can recline, incline or lay flat, simply by shifting your body weight. The integrated footrest also doubles as a kneeler so you can be comfortable in the forward position. We think it’s brilliant, but rather expensive, at $2,300.

Of course, you might want to look at it as getting three chairs for the price of one… but it’s still a lot of cash. We can’t actually find the product on their site, and the link chain leads pretty much nowhere, so we don’t know if it is actually available or not. If anyone has a few hours to kill and decides to hunt around, let us know.

[ Stokke Website ] VIA [ TechEBLog ]

Don’t Let Cough Interrupt Your Hunt, Get A Muffler

cough silencerBy David Ponce

We’re fascinated by the fact that there seems to be an entire world out there that consider it a sport to hurl little balls of lead thousands of meters per second, right into living four-legged forest dwellers. But whatever, to each his own. Even hunters deserve gadgets. Now, we imagine that when you’ve spent the better part of the day waiting for Momo The Moose to come sauntering past your rifle’s sight, nothing would piss you off more than having to cough and scare every animal within a mile radius. But, stifling a cough isn’t fun either. So, the Cough Silencer lets you muffle it. Simply place against your lips, and cough your lungs out. The air will exit at the other end (thus letting you get the relief you need) but the sound of your lungs trying to wash away the years of Marlboro tar will not. You’ll then be free to keep reasserting your manhood hunting.

The Cough Silencer will set you back $25.

[ The Cough Silencer ] VIA [ NoPuedoCreer ]

Back Seat GPS Gaming


By David Edney

You pretty much can’t buy an SUV or any car with a backseat without having a TV, a DVD player, and gaming devices installed. Of course, this makes hooking up your PS3 or Nintendo Wii to your car easier now, but a group of Swedish programmers want to kick it up a notch and embed GPS into your everyday driving life in order to turn the whole trip into a game. The Backseat Playground, as they call it, would take the real world around your vehicle and integrate it into the gameplay and story line. For this whole thing to work it would need the 3D input of the area you are driving in. The setup is in prototype stage in Stockholm (meaning it is working over a 45 square kilometer area), but it will probably be a while until this thing goes global. Unless of course Google buys them. We can’t help but feel that this would be the ultimate I spy game.

VIA [ Engadget ]

The Annoy-A-Tron

The Annoy-a-tron (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)By Andrew Liszewski

Sure it’s that time of year where we’re all supposed to share the holiday spirit with friends, family and co-workers but what about those people we’re less than fond of? While you probably won’t be running out to grab them a secret Santa gift there’s no reason they should be forgotten this time of year.

Might I suggest the Annoy-a-tron from ThinkGeek as a great way to express your true feelings to these people. It’s basically a small circuitboard about the size of two quarters but what it’s capable of is worth far more than 50 cents. You see the Annoy-a-tron is designed to produce a short beep in random intervals ranging from 2 to 8 minutes. Just select one of the three sound options including 2kHz, 12kHz or alternating and then stash the Annoy-a-tron somewhere discrete and hidden in the proximity of your target person. If hidden well enough the Annoy-a-tron could be the gift that keeps on giving for weeks and weeks. Of course you’ll want to make sure that when the device is finally discovered it’s devoid of any fingerprints or ‘Property of Dave from Accounting’ labels.

The Annoy-a-tron is available from ThinkGeek for only $9.99 so you might want to pick up more than one depending on how much you really enjoy your family or co-workers.

[ The Annoy-a-tron @ ThinkGeek ]