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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Texas Hold ‘Em Odds Calculator

Texas Hold 'Em Odds Calculator (Image courtesy What On Earth)By Andrew Liszewski

Now here’s something I know a lot of people will find very useful. While I wouldn’t recommend bringing one of these into a casino (or at least if you do let me know ahead of time so I can come watch what happens) this seems like the perfect addition to an online game of Texas Hold ‘Em where no one else can see you.

The Texas Hold ‘Em odds calculator allows you to input the number of players, the cards you’re dealt and the cards on the table for each hand. It will then provide real-time statistics as well as recommendations on how to play your hand to make the most of it.

And odds are you can easily make back the $16.98 the calculator costs if it’s as effective as they claim it to be.

[Texas Hold ‘Em Calculator @ What On Earth]

Verilux Rise & Shine Alarm Clock Lamp

Verilux Rise & Shine Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Verilux)By Andrew Liszewski

Thankfully I’ve never had a problem with being able to fall asleep but the waking up part is not something I look forward to. The Verilux Rise & Shine alarm clock takes a nature-based approach to help make both waking up and falling asleep a lot easier.

Stealing an idea that the sun should have patented years ago the Rise & Shine will slowly increase the brightness of the lamp and the sound of the alarm in the morning which helps you ease out of your nightly coma making it easier to face the day. And in the evening it does the exact opposite, slowly dimming the lamp and fading the music or sounds away. And if you find your local radio stations too annoying you can also choose one of eight different nature sounds including song birds, harbor cove or a New England village.

The Rise & Shine alarm clock is available from Verilux for $149.99 and comes in either Ivory or Graphite colors.

[Verilux Rise & Shine Alarm Clock Lamp] VIA [bookofjoe]

Mini Guitar USB Drive

Mini Guitar USB Drive (Image courtesy GeekStuff4U)
By Andrew Liszewski

Though it would be quite cool if this very detailed miniature electric guitar actually worked I’m sorry to report that it does not. Instead what you’re looking at is nothing more than a very fancy 256Mb flash drive. On the plus side it does come with its own miniature travelling case and two different black and white finishes.

It’s currently available from GeekStuff4U for just over $60 US .

[Mini Guitar USB Drive] VIA [Coolbuzz]

Non-Electric Humidifier

Non-Electric Humidifier (Image courtesy Gaiam)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a nice low-tech solution to a pretty common problem. If your home uses forced-air heating you’ve probably had to deal with the issue of dry air. Sure those fancy, expensive plug-in humidifiers will solve the problem but why not reap the benefits of grade 2 science instead.

Simply fill this non-electric humidifier with 1.6 gallons of water and sit it on top of a standard floor register. The heat from the register evaporates the water and the rising hot air draws the moist air throughout your house. It apparently uses a wick of some sort (which probably absorbs the water and allows the hot air to pass through) that needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. The best feature of course is that this humidifer runs completely silent.

The Non-Electric Humidifier is available from Gaiam for $30.

[Non-Electric Humidifier] VIA [Cribcandy]

Pianist Hand Concert

Pianist Hand Concert (Image courtesy What On Earth)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re anything like me when you first see this mechanical hand you’re probably going to assume it does a lot more than it really does.

While it may look like it just fell off one of the latest creations from Honda, in reality the Pianist Hand Concert is more of a novelty item. When you clap a sound sensor starts playing one of six classical piano pieces including Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer and Chopin’s Minute Waltz. While the music is being played back various gears inside the clear plastic hand cause the fingers to move as if they were actually playing one of the classical pieces on the piano… well at least the parts normally played by the right hand that is.

The Pianist Hand Concert is available from ‘What On Earth’ for a reasonable $16.95.

[Pianist Hand Concert] VIA [bookofjoe]

Glowing Target Wii Gift Cards

Target Wii Gift Cars (Images courtesy GoNintendo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whichever firm is responsible for Target’s branding and marketing these days deserves a tremendous pat on the back. Their commercials are some of the best looking ones on TV and now they’ve got a gift card that I doubt many people will be willing to give away.

The Wii card lights up with a cool blue glow around the logo and sides of the card, not unlike the Wii console itself. Obviously it’s a bit thicker than a standard gift card and I don’t know if the batteries powering the LEDs can be replaced or not, but I’m pretty sure any Nintendo fan would be thrilled to get one.

Now does anyone know what’s the minimal amount you can put on a Target gift card, or do they come in specific values only?

[Glowing Target Wii Gift Cards] VIA [Go Nintendo]

Optoma’s 100 Inch BigVision Is Upgradable, Lovable

optoma bigvision hdbv3100By David Ponce

We’ve talked about Optoma in the past. We kind of like them. They make innovative products with features not commonly found in consumer electronics these days. Take for instance their Bigvizion HDBV3100, a 100 inch rear projection DLP HDTV with the notable feature of being upgradable. Yeah, that’s right. So, even though you’ll probably have to mortgage the kids to own this $30K set, your wallet can rest a little more soundly knowing that “[a]s the technology changes or chipsets are improved, it’s a simple matter to replace them, from chips in the scaler to new chips from Texas Instruments.” Sure, Panasonic may be starting production on their 103 inch plasma, but those extra three inches would cost you about $40,000 more, and that set’s not even upgradable.

Specs on the BigVision are more than decent. First of all, the entire setup is meant to be encased in your wall. Installation is supposedly fairly straightforward and only requires you to make a big hole in your drywall, something we know you’re yearning to do anyway (who isn’t?). Then, the HDBV3100 will deliver native 1080p resolution at a claimed contrast ratio of 10,000:1, and in the words of the reviewer: “with regular room lighting, the images were still bright, crisp, and robust.”

For a thorough review of the BigVision HDBV3100, follow the link love.

[DigitalTrends Reviews The BigVision HDBV3100] VIA [I4U]

Open Edition LED Clock

Open Edition LED Clock (Image courtesy Generate)
By Andrew Liszewski

This LED clock is actually composed of four seperate cubes that each display a single glowing number. When the cubes are placed in order the current time is displayed correctly. However (and don’t quote me on this) I theorize that mixing up the cubes will result in a breach of the space-time contiuum no doubt bringing the end of the universe as we know it. Of course if that doesn’t happen please don’t go calling their tech support claiming Andrew from OhGizmo promised you it would because again, it’s just a theory.

The Open Edition LED Clock is available from Generate for $89.

[Open Edition LED Clock] VIA [Better Living Through Design]

Porsche 917 Inspired Sofa

Porsche 917 Sofa (Image courtesy Inspired Design)By Andrew Liszewski

Though completely impractical I don’t think any car nut can look at this sofa and not want one for their own pad.

Billed as a “unique piece of creative art” the sofa is designed to look like the front end of a Porsche 917 which was raced at LeMans in the early 70’s. The body of the sofa is made with actual fibreglass and is painted with nine coats of two-pack automotive paint for a great looking, durable finish. Even the underside of the sofa looks good and is made from 16 gauge tubular steel that is finished with a black powder coat.

Functioning headlights and brake lights are available as an option and if the blue and orange paint job doesn’t do it for you the sofa can be finished with any color scheme or graphics you like. Keep in mind though that being the envy of all your car-loving friends does come at a price, specifically about $7,500.

[Porsche 917 Inspired Sofa] VIA [Autoblog]