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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Glow Bricks

Glow Bricks (Image courtesy Educational Toys and Gifts) By Andrew Liszewski

As LED and fluorescent lights continue to take-over it looks like the long and full life of the incandescent bulb is slowly coming to an end. It’s interesting though that at the same time we’re starting to see quite a few unique art pieces based around that original glowing icon.

While it has no real practical use except for maybe as a dim nightlight the Glow Brick is still pretty cool to look at. It’s basically a block of acrylic that appears to have the ghost of an incandescent lightbulb suspended inside. And at the center of the block there’s a green sphere that starts to eerily glow the darker the surroundings get. The coolest part is the lack of any batteries or power cords. Instead the Glow Brick is actually solar powered and charges up during the day when sunlight is available.

The Glow Brick is currently on sale for $38.99 at ‘Educational Toys and Gifts’ with free shipping.

[ Glow Bricks ] VIA [ EcoGeek ]

USB Drum Kit

USB Drum Kit (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

This one’s for all the parents out there who will inevitably have to deal with their child going through the ‘I wanna be a drummer’ phase. Instead of having to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a drumset that will be forgotten in 2 months why not instead shell out a slightly-less ridiculous amount for this electronic version.

Besides taking up far less floor space than a real set this USB drum kit is also completely silent save for the quiet thumps of drumsticks on the rubber pads. It connects to your PC via included software where the actual drum hits are converted into one of 233 realistic drum samples which can be heard through the computer’s speakers or even better, a pair of headphones. The kit’s six playing pads are also velocity sensitive to adapt to your playing or music style and can be even be choked (stopped) by grabbing them with your hand.

The USB Drum Kit can be found at for $244.10.

[ USB Drum Kit ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


Get a full sized Drum Set to really practice the craft. It’s more affordable than you might think to own Musical Instruments and it’s never to late to learn how to play.

Porsche – Siemens Toaster

Porsche - Siemens Toaster (Image courtesy By Andrew Liszewski

So if you don’t think you’ll be seeing a brand new Porsche in your driveway anytime soon, what about one in the kitchen instead? This brushed aluminum two-slice toaster was designed by Porsche and besides being the best looking toaster I’ve ever seen it also has some nice features.

It uses a quartz heating element which is apparently one of the most efficient elements around and has a memory function that will remember the last setting you used to toast your bread. It also has 11 degrees of browning which is sure to please anyone and will automatically adjust to the thickness of your bread. Oh and keep in mind if you’ve got bread with sharp corners it’s ‘Slow in, Fast out…’ (I hope someone gets that.)

The Porsche-designed toaster is available from for ?118.50. (That’s about $224 US.)

[ Porsche – Siemens Toaster ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]

Wacom Colorelli – For Graphic Design Prodigies

Wacom Colorelli (Image courtesy Wacom Europe)By Andrew Liszewski

Ah… the first real post on the new site. And how appropriate it’s for a new Wacom product given how vital their Intuos tablet was for the creation of the new layout. The Colorelli is a basic Wacom tablet that comes with special software that was designed in collaboration with educators, psychologists and children’s media experts to help the young’ens develop creativity as well as computer skills.

In reality though it’s probably just a clever way to introduce kids to using a Wacom tablet and stylus instead of the mouse they’re already accustomed to. And as they get older and grow bitter towards the mice society forces them to use they’ll hopefully rise up one day and switch back to the tablet they once loved as a child. And if it happens to be a Wacom model even better.

The Colorelli is only available on the Wacom Europe online store at the moment and can be yours for 59.90 euros.

[ Wacom Colorelli ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Check Out Our New Digs!

By David Ponce

Well, Hell, and everything. We did it! After years (literally), we’ve re-launched OhGizmo! RSS peeps, come on down and tell us what you think. We think it looks kind of nice, and we hope you do too.

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The very solid coding of Andrew’s design was done by Timothy Su, also known as Ignorant Cow. There was also some fine-tuning done by one of Andrew’s friends, whose name I’m as yet unaware. If Andrew wants to send him some work, he’ll let you know.

I’m pretty much dropping this in the middle of the night, against Andrew’s very nervous wishes. He’s a perfectionist, and he’s worried things will come crashing down if we don’t Beta test until we turn blue. I, however, have faith in his work and am pretty sure nothing will break. But, if you do notice things that are out of place, or if you simply love it (hate it) so much, tell us!

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KONDO KHR-2HV Humanoid Robot Kit

KONDO KHR-2HV (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

As a child of the 80’s I’ll always have a soft spot for robots thanks to years of watching Go-Bots, Transformers, Voltron, Tranzor-Z and even G.I. Joe since the B.A.T. characters were always my favorite. Sadly though it’s now the year 2006 and my childish dreams of having a robot sidekick have gone pretty much unfulfilled.

There is still hope that one day my dream will come true when I see robots like this being released. The KONDO KHR-2HV is actually an upgrade to the KHR-1 model and besides being lighter and faster it now has 17 adjustable joints which allow it to do things like back-flips and cartwheels. And for anyone involved in underground robot fighting the KHR-2HV also has a bigger chest for a muscular look which is sure to strike fear into the stickers used to represent their opponents eyes.

Like most robots that actually do something impressive the KONDO is not cheap and the kit will set you back $1,199.

[KONDO KHR-2HV Humanoid Robot Kit] VIA [I4U News]