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Hemo-Roll, Toilet Paper For Your ‘Rrhoids

hemo rollBy David Ponce

There’s nothing quite as effective at impressing your visiting ladyfriend than a nice fresh roll of Hemo-Roll hanging in your bathroom. It’s toilet paper made by a Slovakian called Tento, and is specially formulated for those of you suffering from occasional bouts of hemorrhoids. The three-ply paper is covered on one side with “a herb micro-layer of an extract from oak bark, marigold and common yarrow, with easeful effects on rectum”. Simply smear on affected area while wiping, and hopefully you won’t be needing that Preparation H any longer.

Not sure how much this is, so if we have any Slovakian readers, let us know. Apparently, this is already on the market there.

[Tento Website] VIA [SNP]