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USB Drum Kit

USB Drum Kit (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

This one’s for all the parents out there who will inevitably have to deal with their child going through the ‘I wanna be a drummer’ phase. Instead of having to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a drumset that will be forgotten in 2 months why not instead shell out a slightly-less ridiculous amount for this electronic version.

Besides taking up far less floor space than a real set this USB drum kit is also completely silent save for the quiet thumps of drumsticks on the rubber pads. It connects to your PC via included software where the actual drum hits are converted into one of 233 realistic drum samples which can be heard through the computer’s speakers or even better, a pair of headphones. The kit’s six playing pads are also velocity sensitive to adapt to your playing or music style and can be even be choked (stopped) by grabbing them with your hand.

The USB Drum Kit can be found at for $244.10.

[ USB Drum Kit ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


Get a full sized Drum Set to really practice the craft. It’s more affordable than you might think to own Musical Instruments and it’s never to late to learn how to play.