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Glow Bricks

Glow Bricks (Image courtesy Educational Toys and Gifts)By Andrew Liszewski

As LED and fluorescent lights continue to take-over it looks like the long and full life of the incandescent bulb is slowly coming to an end. It’s interesting though that at the same time we’re starting to see quite a few unique art pieces based around that original glowing icon.

While it has no real practical use except for maybe as a dim nightlight the Glow Brick is still pretty cool to look at. It’s basically a block of acrylic that appears to have the ghost of an incandescent lightbulb suspended inside. And at the center of the block there’s a green sphere that starts to eerily glow the darker the surroundings get. The coolest part is the lack of any batteries or power cords. Instead the Glow Brick is actually solar powered and charges up during the day when sunlight is available.

The Glow Brick is currently on sale for $38.99 at ‘Educational Toys and Gifts’ with free shipping.

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