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Wacom Colorelli – For Graphic Design Prodigies

Wacom Colorelli (Image courtesy Wacom Europe)By Andrew Liszewski

Ah… the first real post on the new site. And how appropriate it’s for a new Wacom product given how vital their Intuos tablet was for the creation of the new layout. The Colorelli is a basic Wacom tablet that comes with special software that was designed in collaboration with educators, psychologists and children’s media experts to help the young’ens develop creativity as well as computer skills.

In reality though it’s probably just a clever way to introduce kids to using a Wacom tablet and stylus instead of the mouse they’re already accustomed to. And as they get older and grow bitter towards the mice society forces them to use they’ll hopefully rise up one day and switch back to the tablet they once loved as a child. And if it happens to be a Wacom model even better.

The Colorelli is only available on the Wacom Europe online store at the moment and can be yours for 59.90 euros.

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