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The relationship that we build with our readers is based on trust. Anything we say, any opinion we have will bear no value if this trust is lost. So, this page is built with the hopes of dissipating any impressions of impropriety and conflict of interest. These conflicts may seem to arise when we appear to have a financial interest in the products we review.

More to the point, when manufacturers send us products for review, it does happen that we are allowed to keep them. We wish to make it clear that we pay great care to maintain our impartiality and will never, for any reason, give a product a positive review when we feel it is undeserved.

But, for the sake of complete disclosure and transparency, following below is a constantly updating list of the products we have been allowed to keep.

The Earbudclips
The OHSO Travel Toothbrush
The X-Garments
The Sleeptracker Watch
The Diode Watch
The Weather Station
The Picopad
The Nokia N70
The Slappa Bulkhead PRO
The Nexus Wicked Laser
The Freestyle Gluegun
The Gelaskins
The Syder Series Laser
Tom Bihn Empire Builder
Waterfield Designs Sleevecase
Tom Bihn Imago Yin
The Nokia N91
Vaja Nokia E61 Leather Case
WaterField Designs iPod Cases
db clay myDuctbills Kit + Stampage Wallet
– Saitek peripherals
– Helio handsets

Additionally, we may from time to time receive compensation to look at and review a given product or service. When this happens, the article in question will be clearly marked, and disclosure will occur each time; you won’t have to “discover” this page to know what’s going on. We are never required to give a product a positive spin merely because we’re being compensated and the opinions expressed are always our own, whether the company affected likes it or not. We’ll get paid either way, and even if no one ever wants to compensate us to review something ever again, we won’t lose any sleep over it: we already make plenty from traditional ads on the site.

But the most important message we wish to convey with this page is the fundamental building block of trust: telling the truth. We don’t hide anything, and we’re upfront with everything so you can make up your own minds.

For a longer version of this Code of Ethics, you may consult WOMMA.