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Texas Hold ‘Em Odds Calculator

Texas Hold 'Em Odds Calculator (Image courtesy What On Earth)By Andrew Liszewski

Now here’s something I know a lot of people will find very useful. While I wouldn’t recommend bringing one of these into a casino (or at least if you do let me know ahead of time so I can come watch what happens) this seems like the perfect addition to an online game of Texas Hold ‘Em where no one else can see you.

The Texas Hold ‘Em odds calculator allows you to input the number of players, the cards you’re dealt and the cards on the table for each hand. It will then provide real-time statistics as well as recommendations on how to play your hand to make the most of it.

And odds are you can easily make back the $16.98 the calculator costs if it’s as effective as they claim it to be.

[Texas Hold ‘Em Calculator @ What On Earth]