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LaCie’s Porsche Design Biometric Drive Reviewed. Verdict: Gotta Love Hardware Encryption

By Ian Chiu

I bet all of you have seen at least a couple of different implementations of fingerprint biometric security. Fingerprint sensors can be found on laptops, thumbdrives, card readers and so on. LaCie is now putting one on their PORSCHE Design USB hard drive. Also notice the mile-long product name? They’ve added Triple DES hardware acceleration to this model so people can’t just crack open the case and retrieve the data on another PC. As secure as it may seem, the LaCie is significantly slower with Triple DES enabled. The fingerprint is however platform independent so you can use it on both Mac & PC. Let’s wait until they add palm vein reader and things are going to get a lot more interesting.

Here’s the verdict:

If you need to feel secure with your data on the go, the LaCie SAFE Mobile USB Hard Drive will do just that, but with costly tradeoffs.

[LaCie SAFE Mobile USB Hard Drive with Encryption 80GB Review @ Everything USB]