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Glowing Target Wii Gift Cards

Target Wii Gift Cars (Images courtesy GoNintendo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whichever firm is responsible for Target’s branding and marketing these days deserves a tremendous pat on the back. Their commercials are some of the best looking ones on TV and now they’ve got a gift card that I doubt many people will be willing to give away.

The Wii card lights up with a cool blue glow around the logo and sides of the card, not unlike the Wii console itself. Obviously it’s a bit thicker than a standard gift card and I don’t know if the batteries powering the LEDs can be replaced or not, but I’m pretty sure any Nintendo fan would be thrilled to get one.

Now does anyone know what’s the minimal amount you can put on a Target gift card, or do they come in specific values only?

[Glowing Target Wii Gift Cards] VIA [Go Nintendo]

  • jedidiah

    They come in amounts from $5 to around $1000 I believe: and you get to keep them after you use them. woot.

  • Jimmie

    Oh lord, please make sure these are released in Australia too!

    I really want one to keep…

  • Drew

    They have no cash value until bought, so my son regularly takes one with him for free, like the star wars gift cards, and the cashiers/management let him

  • Al

    your son REGULARLY takes them? That’s kinda dick don’t you think?

  • aiemen

    if you do have to pay for it, which i did, the minimum amount was a dollar

  • R. Logan

    I happen to work for Target and I picked up 4 for myself to hack. ( to make a lighted name badge ) and there are no more left after that. If you want one…i guess i could part with one if the price is right. NO SPAM PLEASE>>>Only serious replies!!