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The Quadtec Watch – Telling Time The Old Fashioned Way

Quadtec Watch (Image courtesy Equitime Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve been looking for a watch that has only a handful of the advantages of a digital version with the single advantage of an analog model then you’ll be happy to hear your search is over.

Made by Equitime the Quadtec can be set to show the number of minutes remaining in the hour after the first 30 minutes has past. Why would you want it to do that you ask? Well instead of having to say ‘7:45′ like a square you can instead say ’15 minutes to eight’ like a real gentleman. The watch can also be set to show the minutes at the location of the current quarter for those who might find that easier to read.

Other than that the Quadtec is pretty sparse when it comes to fancy features and only includes a backlight, a simple alarm and a selection of three different bands including black leather, orange silicone and stainless steel.

The Quadtec is available directly from Equitime for a surprising $490.

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