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Snack-Size Deep Fryer

Snack-Size Deep Fryer (Image courtesy Improvements)By Andrew Liszewski

If this isn’t the perfect addition to any cubicle I don’t know what is. When the same old snacks from the vending machine just aren’t cutting it anymore imagine the fried wonders you can cook up with this miniature deep fryer at your desk.

The included snack-size fry basket can be used for both cooking and draining whatever you can think of (Snickers bars? Doughnuts? Your co-workers stapler?) and the fryer itself holds 5-cups of oil and about 1-1/4-lb of food. The adjustable thermostat can reach temperatures up to 375 degrees F and it even includes a special filter to reduce odors. You don’t want everyone in the office stopping by to steal your snacks now do you?

The Snack-Size Deep Fryer is available from ‘Improvements’ for $39.99.

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