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LumiPad – Message Board With Movement Sensor

LumiPad (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

From the “You want how much for that?!” department comes the LumiPad. When stuck to your fridge it gives a convenient place to leave notes for roommates or family members and to make sure the messages don’t go unnoticed the LumiPad uses a marker with special ink that glows whenever the LumiPad is switched on.

And if that’s not enough to get their attention it apparently includes a motion sensor that will cause the written message to flash whenever someone walks past it. Of course I already see a major problem here. What happens on the day when the Lumipad’s 4 AAA batteries finally die? You can try and leave a note for someone to pick up new ones but without the flashing effect that message will forever be ignored. (This situation assumes you’re as lazy as me when it comes to buying new batteries.)

The desktop model of the LumiPad is available for just under $50 with the fridge model going for just under $40 which makes that stack of post-it-notes seem more appealing. (Though boring in comparison)

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