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Modern Smoke Detector Rough-In Kit Available

By David Ponce

A while back, we posted about the Modern Smoke Detector, whose main claim to fame was in its sleek, modern appearance. At the time, and still today, we thought that since you have to have a smoke detector pretty much anywhere, it would be nice if they didn’t consistently clash with the rest of your decor. The Modern Smoke Detector, from Architectural Devices took care of that problem, and today comes news that their “rough-in kit” is available for purchase.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what exactly a rough-in kit is. Well, turns out that if you’re building a home right now, and haven’t installed any detectors yet, then this is the thing for you. The kit is essentially the enclosure for the full detector, and buying it now will avoid you the trouble of having to cut a hole in your ceiling later on. It’s only $33, though the full detector is expected to cost about $130 and be available sometime in February/March 2007.

[Modern Smoke Detector Rough-In Kit]