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Arcade-In-A-Box (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s another nice solution for people with MAME-cabinet envy but can’t do anything about it due to lack of space. The Arcade-in-a-box is an all-in-one console that simply plugs into your living room TV giving you all the enjoyment of classic MAME gaming in an easy to store box.

The console itself is basically a Windows XP based PC (2.88Ghz+ processor, 512Mb of RAM and a 120Gb hard drive) with arcade-quality joysticks, pushbuttons and 3-inch trackball mounted on top. In terms of games it comes pre-loaded with 2 collections including ‘Midway Arcade Treasures’ and ‘Atari Anniversary Collection’ but given the console is just a Windows PC adding your own games should be pretty easy.

The only downside is that they want $1,799 for the Arcade-in-a-box which seems incredibly expensive to me based on what it actually is. (A cheap PC with some joysticks added.)

[Arcade-In-A-Box] VIA [BornRich]