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Scroll Pan – Roll-up Frying Pan

Scroll Pan (Image courtesy Designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though I rarely ever cook I still seem to have a kitchen filled with various pots and pans that like to get in the way. Since they’re all made of metals, a material that is notoriously difficult to fold they tend to take up more space than I’d like.

The Scroll Pan designed by Sam Hextall was created for the specific purpose of providing a usable cooking surface that could also be reduced in size for easy storage. The pan rolls up on each handle not unlike a paper scroll would, and can then be stored in a hanging sleeve to keep it out of the way when not being used.

And even though the Scroll Pan is clearly just a concept at this time the designer does suggest that products like diphenyl silicone which is plasma treated and teflon coated could be used to make an actual working model.

[Scroll Pan] VIA [Coolbuzz]


8 responses to “Scroll Pan – Roll-up Frying Pan”

  1. Kouroth says:

    This is a cool concept but I would think trying to cook on a flexible surface would be a bit messy, if not a pain. It wouldn?t be too bad on an electric cook top or even one of those induction systems. Or you could make it a plug-in pan just put the cooking coils inside. Now if only they had a wok and pots.

  2. Gizmodo says:

    Design Only: Roll-up Frying Pan…

    This Sam Hextall designed Scroll Pan works the same as a frying pan, but stores easily in a cupboard when rolled up. The cooking surface is supposed to be diphenyl silicone (plasma treated and Teflon coated), which makes it heatproof……

  3. Ian S says:

    Not exactly much use for boiling pasta, is it?

  4. Terrible design. This totally ignores the flipping function of a frying pan, and without a much higher lip you wouldn’t be able to stir-fry anything in it, or even normal-fry anything since oil would just run off the edge. Not to mention that the handles are unelegant and clunky looking, and the thing would bend and flop around like mad if placed on anything other than a totally flat cooking surface.

    Nice try at looking at a common object in a different way, but this is a flop.

  5. Karsten says:

    Not to mention that the teflon will flake off in your food and poison you. Yummy.

  6. Rol je pan op…

    Nee, dit is geen futuristische grensrechtersvlag. En nee, het is geen oprolbaar spandoek met digitaal aanmoedigingsscherm (je weet het maar nooit op Gadgetgarden). Wat u hier ziet, dames en heren, is niets meer en niets minder dan een ordinaire koekenp…

  7. Thorren says:

    I’d rather have this frying pan thrown at me then the cast iron ones. πŸ™‚

  8. swaminandan says:

    please tell me from i can buy scroll pan????????????????