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The Lightning Trigger Takes Artsy Pictures For You

lightning triggerBy David Ponce

I won’t spend more than a couple lines on this, just cause it’s so darn old. But, I didn’t know about it, and there may be those of you who don’t either, and might appreciate it. There’s this product I just stumbled across called the Lightning Trigger. You stick it on your camera, point it at a storm and wait. Soon’s there some lightning, it’ll trigger the shutter for you. Seeing as electronic is faster than human, you’ll end up with pretty pictures of lightning, easy as pie.

It’s compatible with a variety of cameras (check here) and costs $330. They company claims they’ve been in business since 1998, and I reckon that’s when they made the website, and haven’t updated since. Kind of like an Internet time capsule.

And, well, so much for “just a couple lines…”

[Lightning Trigger] VIA [Fark Tech]