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Swiss Army Spectrum Pen – Forget About Flying With This In Your Pocket

Swiss Army Spectrum Pen (Image courtesy Neiman Marcus)By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t flown recently but I’m pretty sure you’re still allowed to bring things like pens on board the plane right? I mean how else would you be able to fill out order forms from Sky Mall and the like? However I bet it’s safe to assume the Victorinox Spectrum pen is not going to make it past the x-ray machines.

While it looks like an ordinary pen the non-writing end actually looks more like a swiss army knife and houses original Victorinox tools like a knife, scissors, file, screwdriver and even a light that’s activated when you press the Swiss cross logo. The pen part is just as useful since it uses a Fisher pressurized ink cartridge which of course means it can be used to write upside-down for the hundreds of times that situation comes up every day.

The Spectrum is available in a wide variety of colors including pink, green, yellow, violet, gray, orange, red, blue and black and can be yours from Neiman Marcus for $50.

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