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Space Invader Skateboards

invader rubikinvader matrixinvader cityBy David Ponce

If I were asked what I consider to be the most representative icon of my generation, the essence of geek, I’d have to say: the Space Invaders. Yeah, I bet it’s something different for everyone, and I’d be curious to hear what yours is, down in the comments.

In any case, I’m only mentioning this because I’ve stumbled on the Mekanism Skateboards, who make some wicked boards customised with a tiled Space Invaders theme on the underside. Not sure how much they are, but they’re limited edition. You know what that means.

Still, there you have it. Space Invader skateboards. Maybe you can buy one, and wrap them up in Space Invaders wrapping paper.

[Mekanisn Skateboards] VIA [Josh Spear]


5 responses to “Space Invader Skateboards”

  1. says:

    Space Invader Skateboards…

    Mekanisn Skateboards – otroligt l?ckra br?dor med motiv fr?n spelet Space Invaders. Se ?ven dessa tidigare inl?gg:

    Annorlunda skateboard
    Skateboards fr?n DPMHI

    Via OhGizmo.


  2. Ron says:

    Once I realized how truely tiled these boards are, I realized they are not whatsoever intended for actual use. These boards are art and are likely priced accordingly.

  3. says:

    Das Space Invaders Skateboard…

    Sie sind wieder da und diesmal auf Skateboards… Die Space Invaders! Das ist der echte Style……

  4. Gizmodo says:

    Space Invaders Skateboard, For the Dennis the Menace Inside of You…

    We’ve covered a few Space Invaders items in the past and today brings us something for all the kids out there: skateboards! I know, the excitement is almost too much to handle, but if you hold onto your hat long……

  5. Space Invader skateboards…

    If you’re desperate to acquire some sexy skater cred, but wish you could do it on your own geeky terms, then you might consider one of these awesome Space Invaders skateboards. The underside of each deck is a tile mosaic that depicts videogame-inspir…