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Volkswagen Bundles Electric Guitar With Car

guitar wolkswagenBy David Ponce

Like peas and carrots, it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that cars and electric guitars are a match made in heaven. Well, maybe not in heaven, but somewhere on the way anyhow. [Please note (poor) sarcasm] Which is why it’s sort of interesting to find out that between October 3rd and December 31st of this year, Wolkswagen will be bundling an electric guitar with its new cars, one that plays directly through the car’s audio system. The guitar itself will be

customized with the VW logo and the Vehicle Identification Number of the owner’s Volkswagen. It will also come with custom colored pick guards complementing the exterior of the car. John Mayer, Slash, and Christopher Guest (a.k.a. Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap) will appear in upcoming ads for the partnership.

The guitar is made by First Act, who’ve recently sold some of their stuff to Aerosmith, Franz Ferdinand and Maroon 5.

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