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World’s Smallest MiniSD Reader… For Now

Alfa Media MNCR (Images courtesy Alfa Media)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though I will maintain my state of denial it looks like the CF card format will inevitably be replaced by the SD card family. At the moment SD cards are even becoming quite popular in high-end DSLRs (see the D80) and from what I can tell MiniSD already has a stranglehold on the world of smartphones.

Of course what’s the benefit of a tiny memory card format like MiniSD if you have to keep a card reader on hand that’s several times larger? Alfa Media seems to agree and so have released the MNCR which is a MiniSD card reader that is pretty much only as big as the card itself. The USB 2.0 compliant reader has no cables and simply slides into the USB port providing transfer rates of around 25MB/s depending on the card being used. Of course the device is plug and play and supports both Windows and Mac systems.

There’s no info on pricing or availability at this time.

[Alfa Media MNCR MiniSD Reader] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]