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The ThrustPac Could Satisfy The Mellow Adrenaline Junkie

pacificwind thrustpac

By David Ponce

Our regular audience will no doubt have noticed that we’re big fans of contraptions that increase your chances of being forcibly removed from the gene pool. From rocket-powered bicycles, to rocket-powered boots, there seems to be an endless stream of death-inducing gizmos out there, and this fact makes us feel fuzzy inside. Of course, there are those among you who’d prefer to remain with the living, while only giving Death a quick pinch now and then. And for you people, we present the PacificWind ThrustPac. It’s basically just a big gas-powered propeller that you strap to your back, capable of pushing you forward while seated on a bike, even if a steady regimen of Cheezy Poofs has pushed your frame above 200 pounds. You’ll be able to reach speeds of 25 to 35 mph, while averaging a very respectable 150 mpg.

And yes, yes, this is not exactly new. But there’s a groovy video for you to watch, and that makes all the difference. It’s not clear how much these things cost, as you’re supposed to contact the company to inquire.

So, anyway, come inside for the video and the links.

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