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BenQ’s Gorgeous Black Box Concept

benq black box

By David Ponce

We can already hear the scores of “tactile-feedbackers” starting to piss and moan at BenQ’s latest design, called The Black Box… but guys, give it a break. It’s only a concept, and like most truly gorgeous designs, is unlikely to come out, unless of course it costs $300,000. Still, the phone is reportedly just one big touchscreen, with what looks like a dynamic interface, thus changing what is displayed based on what application you’re running.

Now, the link line leads down a really deep rabbit hole, ending in a Czech website, and it’s sort of hard to vouch for this particular piece of news and assert without a doubt that BenQ designers are actually even remotely thinking along these lines. For all we know, it’s some Photoshop wiz-kid. But in the end, it doesn’t even really matter, because that’s still one fine looking mobile, and to us geeks that was like a little bit of soft porn right there, feedbackers be damned.

[Benq Black Box Concept via Mobilemag]