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Color-Call Caller ID System

Color-Call Caller ID System (Images courtesy Brookstone)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m a big fan of the “don’t call me, I’ll call you” mentality so when the phone rings I know it’s either some telemarketer or a piece of bad news. Unfortunately though the handset on my phone doesn’t have a built-in caller ID display and the base station is too far away for me to easily see who’s calling.

That’s why I like this Color-Call caller ID system. It’s a pretty standard external caller ID device except for the fact that it can be set to glow in one of four different colors (red, green, blue and purple) depending on who is calling. That way no matter how far away your phone is as long as you can still see it you’ll know whether or not the call is worth answering.

The Color-Call ID system is available from Brookstone for $29.99.

[Color-Call Caller ID System] VIA [bookofjoe]