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SensorfreshQ For Meat & Poultry

Sensorfreshq (Image courtesy The Sharper Image)By Andrew Liszewski

When you think back the 80’s were such a simple time, all people cared about was “Where’s the beef?” These days though we’re a bit more savvy and are asking tougher questions like “Is the beef safe to eat?” and more importantly “Should I really have all the meat piled up together on the counter like in that product shot?”

When you don’t think you can trust the ‘best before’ dates on the meat and poultry you’re buying the next best thing to ensuring freshness and safety is the SensorfreshQ from The Sharper Image. Just hold the handheld device about an inch above the meat and a built-in fan draws the air past 4 electronic sensors that measure it for by-products of food-borne bacteria. The device will then let you know how safe the meat is via a set of LED lights. A green light means the meat is safe, yellow means it’s ok but should be eaten within a day and red means you should set it aside for use as chum or as a hilarious april fool’s day prank.

The SensorfreshQ is available from The Sharper Image for $89.95.

[SensorfreshQ] VIA [Coolest Gadgets]