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DVD Rewinder

DVD Rewinder (Image courtesy Zen Cart)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve racked up so many penalty-fees from my local video store for not rewinding DVDs before I return them I could have probably started up my own rental shop by now…

We all have those friends or family members that would probably believe that story and when they do you can now recommend that they pick up this DVD Rewinder to avoid those extra fees next time they return a movie.

The Rewinder has a slick fluorescent green color scheme and other high-tech stylings which make it rather convincing. It even plays a rewind sound effect when spinning the disc so you can hear the device’s progress and know when it’s done. For the tech-savvy (though I think even a 3-year-old will probably realize this is a gag) you can record your own custom sound effects to replace the included ‘rewind’ one which can result in hours of comic hilarity.

The DVD Rewinder is available on their website and is actually on sale right now for $16.49.

[DVD Rewinder]

  • bill


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  • alex

    thanks, this really helped with my rental store fees also, everyone should get one of these.

  • Malique

    hahahah! this is worth it!

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  • Argh

    Stolen from an quote.

    Lemme try to find it…

    #165759 +(1005)- [X]

    I just had a genius idea
    DVD rewinders
    it spins and whirrs and stupid people buy them

  • Al Mayer

    This is a good one. It was about time that someone actually built one of these Lol. Brilliant!!! That?s as good as the belly button brush.

  • lissa poole

    This is awesome. Guess what dads getting for christmas

  • adam

    maybe my dvd’s are automatic? they always seem to be rewound?

  • jhrf


    “Never pay another DVD rewind fee again! Compatible with all disc formats: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CDR, CDRW, Audio CD, VCD. Multi-region, code-free rewinder capable of rewinding all 6 region DVD’s including RCE/REA encoded discs. NOTE: this product is intended as a novelty. All disc and MP3 media are direct access and do not truly require “reqinding.” However, it is very fun to hear the sounds, and watch the lights of this product.”

    It’s sold out aswell!

  • Anonymous

    Epic fail.

  • Anon

    lololololololololololololol fail

  • dvd car gps nissan

    This is awesome. Guess what dads getting for christmas

  • WTH is wrong with you people?

    Why is it so hard to find this product available for purchase? Did people just give up on rewinding their discs?