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EUBiQ Power Track

EUBiQ Power Strips (Images courtesy EUBiQ)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve got a house full of gadgets and electronics then you also have a house full of charging cables, adapters, extension cords and without a doubt, powerbars. Basically unless your home was built within the last 5 years you’re probably always scrounging for a free power outlet and odds are you can never find one.

The EUBiQ power track system works a lot like track lighting allowing you to attach multiple outlets wherever you need to plug something in. They can be installed pretty much anywhere in your home in any length and a standard track can power up to 16 EUBiQ plugs per metre. The tracks can also be recess mounted when installed and come in a variety of colors to match an existing decor.

Now even though I have encountered and used systems like this before the EUBiQ is the first I’ve seen that also accomodates other cables like network, telephone and TV which makes this system particular useful these days.

[EUBiQ Power Strips] VIA [Gizmag]

  • Bob’s yer uncle

    Ah, I f$*king hate flash sites, especially ones which TALK to you rather than just giving you body text to read.

    Definitely looks cool though.

  • Mateus

    Am I the only one concerned about lighting?
    That seems awfully dangerous…

  • Elvar

    very cool idea, perfect for the kitchen….except you will need someplace to store the outlets

  • melissa

    woo hoo my father made eubiq… and mateus, it’s not “awfully dangerous” and what do you mean, “you will need some place to store the outlets”?