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Steckling – Balcony Friendly Plant Pots

Steckling Plant Pots (Image courtesy rephormhaus)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s yet another example of how a simple upgrade to the design of an everyday item can make it even more useful. Start with an ordinary plant or flower pot but add a large notch up the middle that allows it to sit on the rail of a balcony not unlike the way a saddle sits on a horse. As an added bonus because the pot is split in half it provides two seperate areas for growing different plants at the same time.

The Steckling pots are available from rephormhaus in either orange or ice (white) colors for 39.00 ?.

[Steckling Plant Pots @ rephormhaus]


5 responses to “Steckling – Balcony Friendly Plant Pots”

  1. Artgod says:

    looks like cannabis to me… do the plants come with?

  2. Pan_theFrog says:

    I was thinking it looked like hemp as well, Artgood. Think they have their niche market all picked out?

  3. fronten says:

    for sure this is not hemp.

  4. carbuzzard says:

    Uh, it looks enough like maryjane to have the local constabulary knocking on your door…with one of those battering ram thingies.

  5. What_theDuck says:

    Maybe this should have been titled “Steckling – balcony friendly pot plants” instead.