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Stealth 2000-DT-TB Industrial Keyboard

Stealth 2000-DT-TB Keyboard (Image courtesy Stealth Computer Corporation)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll admit that I’ve had quite a few keyboard mishaps over the years that have resulted in me sticking to cheaper models these days because of how often I’ve had to replace them. Of course if I had one of these Stealth Industrial keyboards it might actually stand up to the occasional tumble off the desk or being accidentally drowned in my favorite beverage.

The Stealth keyboard’s case is made of stainless steel and the keys themselves are made from an industrial silicone rubber pad meaning they’re completely waterproof. The keyboard also has a built-in optical trackball which is completely sealed and watertight and even has an adjustable tension ring that ensures optimal trackball smoothness for any user.

It’s definitely an impressive piece of hardware but then when I look at the Stealth Keyboard’s $1195 price tag I once again feel content with the $30 model I’m using right now.

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