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MX Revolution Mouse Reviewed. Verdict: Fine for Number Crunching, So So for Fragging

By Ian Chiu

OhMice… Logitech is never tired of them. Of course, how could someone stop making mice when the company is milking billions of profits? Here’s yet another mouse called MX Revolution… but this time, for professionals (no, not Johnathan Wendel-type). Instead of fragging, the MX is designed with a free-spin wheel that can traverse hundreds of pages in a single flick or scrolling 10,000 rows in Excel. To avoid flying way past, the wheel can stop at an instant by tapping it. I don’t know who may want this unless your job requires you to stuck in front of a PC 40 hrs a week.

In free-wheel mode the scroll wheel can spin for up to seven seconds according to Logitech. In my testing of the mouse I saw longer spin times than that, up to ten seconds at a time was not uncommon at all. That allows me to plow through long pages scanning for specific content. I found it great to use on eBay and a spectacular way to move through long Excel documents. The super fast scrolling is very easy to stop as well, simply place your finger on it and it stops on a dime.

Logitech made the MX Revolution smart; it can change the scroll mode on-the-fly depending on what it sees as the correct mode for the task at hand. It does a pretty good job of it too. If you are scrolling slowly and little at a time it leaves itself in click mode, however, start scrolling faster and the wheel will automatically change to free-wheel mode.

[Logitech MX Revolution Review @ Everything USB]

  • Gordon Kane

    I am stuck in front of a PC 48 hours per week – I find it great for zooming through Excel spreadsheets, SQL Server stored procedures, ASP / VB code, and internet forums.
    I liked it so much, I bought a second one for home. And I realize just how much I have come to depend on the “freespin” functionality when I find myself occassionally using a public PC and I have to slowly wheel / click my way to the information I seek. $99 is a bit steep (based on the whining of my collegues) – Logitech might sell more if they can realize a $59 price point.

  • Blaze

    I got the last generation of MX Mice. If the new one is even exactly the same, it is worth the money.

    I got the MX 1000 Laser Mouse a while ago and I have to say that it has changed my opinion of Logitec entirely. I have had nothing but good luck with it. It is energy efficient even though it has a recharging lithium core. The signal is stronger than any cordless device I have seen.

    I can’t even survive without the back and forward buttons coupled with the handy program swap button. (Similar to Alt+Tab for those who don’t have one.) The bundled software is decent as well for editing it. You can even make different button profiles; Example: Have it set up to be a music remote while working on a paper for class or even hosting a small get together; Disable all buttons except for left and right to do a PP presentation.

    The scroll wheel is adjustable and has scroll buttons for more controlled scrolling.