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Duck Fader – Enjoy Bathtime & Avoid Lawsuits

Duck Fader (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski
(Actually contrary to David’s earlier post, I’m back.)

It’s pretty obvious the makers of the Duck Fader made every effort to avoid getting the legal smackdown from Lucasfilm but come on… ‘Fader’? I mean I’m pretty sure Lucas doesn’t own the word ‘Vader’ and calling this the ‘Bathtime In-Vader’ just seems like the more obvious solution here.

Anyways if you’ve yet to find a way to combine your obsession with Star Wars and your love for baths the Duck Fader will finally bring those two worlds together. Available in blue, green, purple and red (who would choose anything but red btw?) the Duck Fader also ominously glows to really bring out the evil in its eyes.

The Duck Fader is available from for $12.58.

[Duck Fader] VIA [Ubergizmo]