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The CallBlocker Attempts To Deal With Telemarketers

callblockerBy David Ponce

The only thing more fun that getting a cold call from someone pitching life insurance is getting three freaking phone calls, the same day, for the same thing, from the same company, due to some database glitch. And while they all got hung up on after about six seconds (enough to figure out what they wanted), that’s still 18 seconds of my life I’m not going to get back. If only I’d had the CallBlocker device. It answers the phone for you, before it starts ringing, and tells the other person what’s what. Here’s the default message, though you can change it if you want:

?You have reached CallBlocker and not an answering machine. All commercial sales calls and fund raising requests are not accepted, place this number on your do not call list. Personal and invited callers press 5 on your touch phone to proceed.?

Of course, any self respecting scumbag sales guy will just ignore this and pitch ahead, but I’m thinking that if there are enough profanities in the message, perhaps they’ll get the hint.

It’s ?50.

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