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Video Of Homemade Air-Powered Jet Pack

air pack

By David Ponce

Being a web worker has rather very few occupational hazards. Perhaps, now and then, our butts will fall asleep and require a little walk around the apartment. Or, our wrists will feel a little tense, prompting some vigorous shaking of the hands. Or, like in this case, require the changing of our underwear from laughing too hard at the hilarity of some video or other.

Well… not really, but the video we’ve included is pretty freaking funny. It features Japanese people doing something they seem to be very talented at: doing weird stuff. In this case, a some guys strapped a bunch of soda bottles together, pumped them full of air with a bicycle pump, and strapped them to the back of a retarded young man. When triggered (somehow), the man becomes airborne from the thrust generated by this homemade jetpack.

Come inside and watch. It’s worth it.

VIA [TechEBlog]


10 responses to “Video Of Homemade Air-Powered Jet Pack”

  1. David says:

    They tried this on MythBusters – – did’t work for them!!!

  2. farker says:

    How is this not four years old?

  3. BigJon says:

    Yeah…totally fake. Funny…but fake.

  4. JD52 says:

    Sorry but this is very clearly a fake. He spins around but never changes direction. Still a riot to watch though.

  5. soopergooman says:

    you would need a rudder or wing of some kind to change direction, duh it IS rocket science! without one you spin out of control. i can see this acually werking, i once made a 2 litre popbottle travel .5 km in the air. just from air pressure.

  6. Alex says:

    So many people say this is a fake, i still dont think so, i to trided the water bottle thingy mah bob, i wired together 5! trust me, i think it would work.

  7. Magnus|Sweden says:

    He’s airborn way to long but under the right circumstances it might work.
    Mythbusters ( tested this in an episode.
    Not able to find the clip now but I’m sure it’s out there on the Internet somewhere πŸ™‚

  8. JD52 says:

    No you are incorrect my friend. You do not need a rudder to change direction. Just changing the direction the nozzles are pointing should be enough to change direction. Ever heard the term “thrust vectoring”? I am guessing you haven’t

  9. OsvaL says:

    It is just a game where this guy thinks that he is going through an experiment, he don’t know that he is attached to a string. The funny thing is that he thinks everything was true. Don’t try to find the fifth paw to the cat please.

  10. Jamar says:

    And what sort of string would be invisible and yet hold all that weight at the same time? I thought that all the strong rope would be at least semi-visible.