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Video Of Homemade Air-Powered Jet Pack

air pack

By David Ponce

Being a web worker has rather very few occupational hazards. Perhaps, now and then, our butts will fall asleep and require a little walk around the apartment. Or, our wrists will feel a little tense, prompting some vigorous shaking of the hands. Or, like in this case, require the changing of our underwear from laughing too hard at the hilarity of some video or other.

Well… not really, but the video we’ve included is pretty freaking funny. It features Japanese people doing something they seem to be very talented at: doing weird stuff. In this case, a some guys strapped a bunch of soda bottles together, pumped them full of air with a bicycle pump, and strapped them to the back of a retarded young man. When triggered (somehow), the man becomes airborne from the thrust generated by this homemade jetpack.

Come inside and watch. It’s worth it.

VIA [TechEBlog]