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First Class On Emirates Airlines

By David Ponce

I’ve travelled to Dubai three times. No, no, not on business, though I’d love to make you believe that (girls there are hot, and I dated one for a while). But, I digress.

Let me tell you, things there are pretty much just as extravagant as the first class seat you get on an Emirates Airlines flight. To get an idea of just how extravagant that is, take a look at the one minute video I’ve included in this post. If you’re a gadget freak, you like buttons. Buttons are your best friend; you press them, stuff happens. And, while seated in your own private cubicle on an Emirates flight, you’re gonna get your lifetime dose of buttons, believe me.

So, next time you fly United… just remember this video, ok?

VIA [Gizmodo]


3 responses to “First Class On Emirates Airlines”

  1. soopergooman says:

    perfedct for becoming a member of the mile high club and in style!

  2. Bob's yer uncle says:

    Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! How much does one of those seats cost?

  3. banoota says:

    I took the Emirates flight from Dubai, UAE to Osaka, Japan this summer, ..a 9 hours flight that I could not get my head to sleep through.. instead, I curled up in my in-flight PJ’s in that cabin, & pressed aaaaaall the buttons on that entertainment center of theirs, the flight seemed too short for my to watch all the things i wanted to watch, and listen to all the music i wanted to listen to lol

    I’m from the emirates myself, ..Abu dhabi percisely.