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Davis Key Fob With Emergency Buoy

Davis Key Fob With Buoy (Image courtesy Landfall Navigation)By Andrew Liszewski

I guess this is one of those products that’s a must-have the next time it happens. I’ve personally never lost my keys over the side of a boat but if I did I guarantee I’d have one of these the next time I set sail.

The Davis Key Fob is a relatively small keychain that within 30 seconds of being dropped in the water will open up and inflate an air tube causing your keys to float back up to the surface. The air tube itself also extends about 14 inches above the surface of the water which makes it easier to reach and retrieve. Be aware though it’s a one-time use scenario so you might want to pick up a few spares if you’re a particularly clumsy person or prone to pratfalls.

The Davis Key Fob with inflatable buoy is available at Landfall Navigation for only $6.99.

[Davis Key Fob With Emergency Buoy] VIA [Coolest-Gadgets]


2 responses to “Davis Key Fob With Emergency Buoy”

  1. Xataka says:

    Davis Key Fob, el llavero para marineros…

    Dudo que alguna vez vaya a tener el problema que intenta solucionar el Davis Key Fob, este llavero para marineros que evitar? que, en un descuido, nos quedemos sin llaves. En el caso de que estas caigan al agua (?qu? estar?amos haciendo con ellas?…

  2. Zwemmende sleutels…

    Ben je vaak op het water te vinden? En ben je zo onhandig dat ook vaak je sleutels in het water te vinden zijn? Raak nu nooit meer je sleutels kwijt op zee met deze sleutelboei! Wanneer je sleutels kopje……