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Cable Turtles

Cable Turtles (Image courtesy The Container Store)By Andrew Liszewski

First they promised us the paperless office but that never really worked out like they’d planned. Now they’re promising us a wireless world but peeking under my computer desk I apparently don’t live in that part of the world just yet, and I assume I’m not the only one.

While there are already countless products that promise to organize the miles of cables run behind your desk and entertainment center I particularly like this approach. The Cable Turtle has a flexible rubber shell that can kind of pop inside-out allowing the messy cable of choice to be wound around the center spindle. The shell can then be flipped back down to both conceal the cable and protect it to a limited degree. And since the two rubber halves of the Cable Turtle are not connected you can still use the cable while it’s being organized.

The Cable Turtles are available in blue, grey, black, yellow, red or orange in three different sizes from $6.99 for the smallest to $13.99 for the largest.

[Cable Turtles @ The Container Store]


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