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Instruction For Painful Death #1,232: Wear Power Boots

russian power boots

By David Ponce

We’ve covered creations that had the potential to remove your sorry, adrenaline-craving little ass from the gene pool many times before. For an idea, go here, here, here, here or here. And now, we bring you yet another: the power boots, from Russian scientist Viktor Gordeyev. Lets try to be nice and avoid all the “In Soviet Russia…” jokes, ok guys? (just kidding, go nuts)

The Power Boots use biofuels, such as biodiesel, vegetable oil, SVO, waste vegetable oil (WVO) and 12 inch pistons to propel their wearer up to 25mph and take strides of up to 12 feet. And, while they are not the first “stride assistants” we’ve come across, we believe they are the first that use combustion of any kind to achieve their intended effect. Now, 25mph and 12 inch steps seems manageable, but we wonder how long it’ll be before someone replaces the relatively tame biofuels with something a little more explosive, “just to see”.

Well, in any case, we’ve included two videos of the boots in action. They’re taken from a Russian telecast, so if anyone speaks the language… could you enlighten us with more details?

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