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Run Windoze Apps Anywhere on USB Flash Drives?

By Ian Chiu

If you fancy the day of bringing every Windoze app with you on the road, Ceedo 2.0 along with InstallAnything will make your dream come true… sorta. The two cost some $70 together, and let you run .exe install files on a Ceedo platform, running on a USB flash drive. If you are lucky to get them to work, the programs are for you to run anywhere. Everything USB has a newbie guide on this U3 contender.

One of the most compelling features of Ceedo is the fact that it maintains its own file structure that matches right up to Windows. There are the Program Files and Windows folders, the All Users and %userprofile% directories, and even a registry. Ceedo uses these by capturing and changing file calls to their respective cloned folders on the portable drive, and even makes it so that clicking Desktop or My Documents in the Save As dialog boxes will redirect to the respective folders located on the flash drive. With such advanced capabilities under the hood, it’s not unreasonable to think that Ceedo could run practically any program.

Capitalizing on this idea, Ceedo has released InstallAnything, a $30 add-on that allows you to run any .exe setup file to install a program to Ceedo. How well it works is a different matter, which is why I’m glad that there’s a 45 day free trial for users to determine whether or not it’s worth it to them.

[Ceedo 2.0 & InstallAnything Newbie Guide @ Everything USB]