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iBreath iPod Accessory Combines Alcohol Breathalyzer and FM Tuner

ibreath ipod breathalyzerBy David Ponce

You might want to buy this for yourself before the Holidays begin. It’s yet another iPod add-on, though this one sports a feature that could come in quite handy in the potentially inebriated weeks ahead. It’s called the iBreath and, as you’ve probably guessed, measures the level of alcohol in your breath. Simply blow for 5 seconds into its fold-out pipe and 5 seconds later, the device will give you an accurate reading. If you find out you’re wasted and in no shape to drive, you can set a timer between 1 minute and 4 hours to remind you to take the test again.

Additionally, the device plugs into the bottom of your iPod, and doubles as an FM transmitter. It’s $80.

[iBreath iPod Add-on] VIA [Xataka]


4 responses to “iBreath iPod Accessory Combines Alcohol Breathalyzer and FM Tuner”

  1. WOW!!!…

    Your stumbling out of the local club after listening to your Fav Local Heavy Metal Band and you fall Face First in front of your car in the parking lot and check your “Alcohol Content”…

    YIKES!!! I’m to Drunk to Drive!!!…

    Meanwhile you get to listen to your fav radio station and more of your Fav Metal music while feeling around for your Cell Phone to call for a ride home which you actually dropped in the “Toilet” cause you were to wasted to be there in the first place…

  2. Blaze says:

    Transmitter, not tuner.

  3. Keith L Dick says:

    I love cock in my asshole too, I forgot to add that before