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LED Scrolling Message Pen

Scrolling LED Message Pen (Image courtesy GadgetUniverse)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over the years the scrolling LED message board has gone from large, remotely operated signs to desktop models and eventually onto belt buckles. Well the miniaturization of the scrolling LED marches on and they can now be found on your favorite writing instrument.

The scrolling LED message on this pen can be up to 118 characters in length and is programmed via 3 buttons on the other side. You can even adjust the brightness of the LEDs or the speed of the scrolling message as you need.

If you’d like to be the king of your office for oh… about 5 minutes until the novelty wears off then grab yourself one of these pens from for $7.50 $29.95. ($7.50 is the cost of the 1 year replacement guarantee.)

[LED Scrolling Message Pen] VIA [bookofjoe]


4 responses to “LED Scrolling Message Pen”

  1. jayarbee says:

    $7.50 would be a fair price for five minutes of office royalty. But since the actual price is $29.95, I think I’ll abdicate my throne.

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  4. zsuaro says:

    These pens are really cool and are sell well. You can also find them here….