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Ben Heck Heckdorn Makes An XBox 360 Laptop

xbox 360 laptop

We’ve written about Ben Heck Heckdorn before. The man enjoys taking gaming consoles, ripping them apart, and “repurposing” them as portable versions. His latest has turned an XBox 360 into a laptop. Here are some of the features:

1) 17″ wide (diagonal) 1280×720 progressive-scan LCD VGA monitor (for HD-level resolutions)
2) Water-cooled with custom-built radiator. Allows for a slimmer main body versus the mammoth heat sinks in a stock 360.
3) Built-in keyboard and Wi-Fi.
4) USB hub allows original number of 3 USB ports for user.
5) All-aluminum case, except for plastic keyboard / ring of light / screen control area.
6) Uses single customized “expanded” power supply brick for both screen and Xbox 360.

Sadly, the unit is not for sale, as it was a commissioned job. The man is open to being prodded into making another, though he warns of “sticker shock”.

[Ben Heck Heckdorn’s Page (scroll down a bit)] VIA [TechEBlog]

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