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The Music Booster

music booster

By David Ponce

While we somewhat dig the 80’s revival strangely permeating pop culture these days, we believe there’s only so much your old, square ghettoblaster can do to bring the party along with you. These days, if you’re gonna do anything, you might as well make it big… or look weird doing it. The Music Booster allows you to do both these things at once.

Details on the device are slim, but it’s essentially a bug-looking set of speakers and sound equipment on wheels. The wheels are large, like those from a ATV, presumably so it’s easier to wheel at the beach. There’s three speakers and a subwoofer. We’re not sure if this is just a concept, a prototype or what. You’re more than free to contact the designer Nik Nowak, and bug him about it.

[Nik Nowak] VIA [SciFi Tech]


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