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Sofa Bed For The Spaciously Challenged

Doc Sofa Bunk Bed (Images courtesy BonBon Trading)
By Andrew Liszewski

If your pad is not the most spacious of places then keeping an extra bed around just for the occasional guest is kind of a waste of valuable real estate.

The Doc sofa bed has a unique mechanism which actually transforms it into a bunk bed complete with a foldaway ladder and safety rail. The most obvious advantage to converting to a bunk bed is that you actually end up with 2 seperate beds and while neither of them are exactly queen-sized if your guests complain just point them towards the nearest hostel and I’m sure they’ll be more appreciative.

The Doc Sofa/Bunk Bed is available from UK-based BonBon Trading.

[Doc Sofa/Bunk Bed] VIA [Stylehive]


Getting a Sofa Bed is a great way to accommodate houseguests. If you haven’t got much pull out space, an Air Mattress is also a viable alternative.


5 responses to “Sofa Bed For The Spaciously Challenged”

  1. “Doc” Sofa Converts Into Bunk Bed…

    If you tend to have a lot of visitors – family, friends, drifters, runaways etc, you might be interested in the Doc sofa / bunk bed from BonBon Trading.
    What you see is what you get here – namely a sofa that transforms into two beds. They aren’t…

  2. ok says:

    That is the coolset thing ever!!!!!!!!!

  3. …Doc’s sofa bed does well as either?…

    If you want some extra space to store friends after they pass out from hitting the bottle too hard, or just want to have that dorm room chic look for your home, but don?t want an uncomfortable futon that screams ?I still wish I was in college?, …

  4. Doc Bedbank…

    Deze bedbank is wel heel ingenieus. De Doc kun je namelijk uitvouwen tot stapelbed! De bedden meten 191 bij 69 en 193 bij 80 centimeter, niet heel ruim dus. Gelukkig heb je wel 67 centimeter afstand tot je bovenbuur…….

  5. flower says:

    Waw! This sofa looks amazing! I like it more because it is an orange one! I have a friend who has just moved into a new house and she is looking exactly for this type of bed. I send her the link to see it.