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Keymat Industrie To Charge $130,000 For The YALOS, A Diamond Crusted LCD

yalos diamond TV

By David Ponce

The most efficient way to artificially jack up the price of any given piece of consumer electronics, without actually adding any useful features, is to simply bling the living daylights out of it. There’s no shortage of such items, like this creation by Peter Aloisson. And now you can add the YALOS Diamond LCD screen by Italian company Keymat Industrie, a tacky looking piece of electronics, with the dubious distinction of being covered in 160 diamonds, totalling 20 carats or 4 grams. There’s also some white gold plating, which unfortunately does nothing to make it look any better. Yet, the company feels confident that this is enough to justify a $130,000 price tag.

As the success of many of these products shows, the world is not about to run out of people with more money than sense… or taste.

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