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HydraCoach Smart Water Bottle

HydraCoach (Image courtesy Sportline)By Andrew Liszewski

In keeping with this trend of fitness-related products (two items = a trend right?) I give you the HydraCoach ‘smart’ water bottle. We’ve all heard time and time again that we should be drinking eight glasses of water a day but it’s not easy. Water has a lot of competitors out there that quite frankly are doing a far better job at promoting themselves than H2O ever has.

To ensure you are getting those recommended eight glasses the HydraCoach is capable of tracking your water intake throughout the day provided of course you only drink water from the bottle. It can also help you calculate a recommended daily personal hydration goal and then keep you informed about how much fluid you’ve consumed relative to that goal. It will even keep track of the time between sips to ensure you’re maintaining a proper pace throughout the day. Why do I forsee this thing as the source for the next generation of drinking games?

You might expect the high-tech looking HydraCoach to be ridiculously over-priced but in fact when it hits stores in December it will only cost about $30 giving it a pretty fair shot at becoming widely used.

[HydraCoach Smart Water Bottle] VIA [Coolest-Gadgets]


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