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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater In Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 Fallingwater Map (Image property of OhGizmo)

By Andrew Liszewski

This is kind of creepy. Just last night I was watching Ken Burns’ excellent Frank Lloyd Wright documentary again and got to thinking that it would be cool if someone were to make a virtual version of the Kaufmann House since I’ve yet to have a chance to visit it in person. Lo and behold this morning I wake up to find a post in my RSS reader that someone has done exactly that using the Half-Life 2 Source engine.

Designed by architecture student ‘Kasperg’ the Fallingwater map is based on layouts, floorplans and over 250 interior and exterior photos of the house. If you don’t have Half-Life 2 installed the video we’ve included after the jump gives a good idea of the level of detail put into this map and if you do have HL2 installed make sure to download the actual map from the link provided.

[Kaufmann House HL2 Map] VIA [Kotaku]

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  • AndyMC

    I can’t wait to deathmatch in this level

  • Bruce

    Can someone offer some help on where to save this file to play it?

  • Andrew Liszewski


    The path on your drive should look something like this with of course the [username] section reflecting your own Steam login name:

    \Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\[username]\half-life 2\hl2\maps

    The fallingwater.bsp file should go into this Maps folder. Then start up Half-Life 2, go into the console when the game is running and type ‘map fallingwater’ and it should automagically load the level.

  • Andy

    Just to say the source of this article is



  • the_clar

    Someone should do FLW’s lost building’s like the Larkin office building or the Imperial hotel…

  • felix

    MATE! someone ought to do the Divine Hotel in Philly. I had a look at some photos of the interior, and its lush.

  • jamiela

    this house is very beautiful and uniqe

  • ASCIIrider

    Just found this and reinstalled HL2 just to visit this map.

    I’ve been to fallingwater before and from what I remember this is as close a syou can get without going there.

  • collumww

    Beautifilly done! Like the previous comment said this is as close as you can get without being there. I was just there last weekend and it’s the most wonderful house and setting I’ve ever set foot in. Note: If you go, book the extended 2 hour tour. You’ll want every last minute of it.