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Give Me A Liberty Shelf Or Give Me Death

Thermador Liberty Shelf (Image courtesy Thermador)By Andrew Liszewski

Slapping an LCD on the door of a fridge so you can call it hi-tech and charge more money is kind of lame. If that’s all it really takes to upgrade something to hi-tech status then wait till you see my upgraded lawnmower, sofa or German Shepherd, they’re going to take the world by storm.

Thermador on the other hand has actually added something that is both hi-tech and actually useful to their Freedom Collection of refigerators. The Liberty Shelf as they call it is a motorized shelf that can be raised or lowered at the push of a button even when fully loaded with heavy bottles or containers. The idea is to make it easier to access items at the back of the fridge without having to first empty the contents of the shelf.

The Freedom Collection from Thermador runs about $3,500 to $4,300 depending on the specific size and model you choose.

[Thermador Freedom Collection with Liberty Shelf] VIA [Home Improvement Ideas]